Walla Walla, WA to Twin Falls, ID – Sept 2020

It was nice to think we would be heading away from the thick haze of smoke that enveloped the area around Walla Walla. It was barely better as we looked out the window in the morning, and the smell of smoke still got into our room.

Our route took us back south to the freeway near Pendleton, OR. Then we climbed up over the Blue Mountains and down into the valleys nearing the Snake River. The “Snake” crosses all of Idaho as it flows from the base of the Grand Tetons in Wyoming.

Our stop for the day was in Twin Falls, ID, where we stayed at the Best Western there. The BW’s are very consistent in their expectations for patrons, and we did not have a problem supporting them.

Dinner was at Jakers Restaurant for their prime rib special. We noticed that the Covid-19 messaging seemed to be a bit different and not quite so stringent. We followed our protocol that we had decided upon. Entering and being seated with masks on. Off while eating and drinking. It was not a big deal, and we completely enjoyed our dinner with good food and drink.

Elaine swings at Canyon Springs

Before we arrived in Twin Falls, we called ahead for a tee time at Canyon Springs Golf Course. It was situated way down in the bottom of the Snake River Canyon right in Twin Falls. There’s actually a lot of room down there!

It was a really well laid out course. Not all that difficult but just enough to be enjoyable.

Bridge over Snake River
Smoky Haze

After our round, we had delicious pulled pork sandwiches and Irish Death beer. Really tasty after a warm day of golf.

We had enough time in the afternoon to drive down into Utah, near Brigham City. We camped in a small out-of-the-way campground called Box Elder. It was a Forest Service campground. Not super-beautiful, but it fit our needs. They did have flush toilets and fresh, running water. We had a quiet evening in our tent after a good day. The farther south we go, the less smoke there is. Really none in evidence here.

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