Cheyenne, WY to Casper, WY – Fall 2020

We’re on our way back from the Southwest and all our highpointing adventures. We left the Best Western in Cheyenne this morning early so we could play a round of golf at a highly rated golf course in Casper, WY this afternoon.

The trip from Cheyenne was not very exciting. Lots of rolling grasslands and ranches. Eastern Wyoming is pretty flat but there is a grandness to it for being so open and spacious. We left the Best Western in Cheyenne around 9:00 am to make our 1:30 tee time at Three Crowns Golf Club in Casper. We arrived right on time but it was surprisingly breezy.

The Three Crowns golf course is a Robert Trent Jones, Jr. course, so we knew it would have an interesting design. We were not disappointed. There was lots of sand and lots of water, and a lot of wind. As we played, the wind was blowing probably 25 mph with higher gusts. Despite this difficulty, we enjoyed the course anyway. I scored 45-43=88, but was hitting the ball pretty well. Elaine scored a 111 – 57/54. Not bad considering. It was pretty warm and the design of the course was very good. From the tees we played (white and red) hitting fairways and some greens was within reason. We decided after we were done that we would readily play here again.

After finishing, we went into their grill that was open until 7pm. We had completed our round in just about 3.5 hrs. Our meal was very memorable. They were not very “into” Covid-19 restrictions here and did not have “Masks Required” signs up. We wore them anyway, and after we did, our server did too.

She didn’t really know how to make a martini, but we did a little coaching and had ourselves a fine Bombay Sapphire Martini with 3 olives. For our meal, we chose the Black/Blue Salad with steak. When in Wyoming, order steak! If you eat meat, that is. It was fabulous! They also offered ‘Poutine’ on the menu. Unusual to see it in the US but the steak fries, cheese curds, and brown gravy were well-prepared and a super addition to our salads. With our view overlooking the 9th and 18th greens with sun and some clouds lighting the later afternoon, we were pretty much in heaven.

Upon finishing, and agreeing that this day worked out really well, we headed toward our next Best Western in Casper.

If you ever have the occasion to be in Casper, and you play golf, you need to play this course and enjoy some food afterward. Not only was the quality excellent but the price made our time at Three Crowns a terrific value.

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