PCT Fall 2022 – Sun Sept 25

Saturday 9/24 – This day promised to be an easier day and it was. Lots of long traverses with only a couple climbs of 800’. We saw lots of people today on the trail. Most were day hikers. Got to Deer Lake where we found a small camp near the lake and water source at mile 2210. Lasagna for dinner. We took time to replan our days and decided to add two nights due to mileage and elevation.

Sunday 9/25 – Solid 20 miles today to the White Salmon River. Not much to see except endless forests. Stopped for water at Mosquito Creek but there were no mosquitoes-darn! 900’ climb over a big hill before dropping down to the river. Warm sun with nice breeze all day.

Only saw one hunter and a couple of PCT hikers. I did manage to trip over a root and go down banging my head. Twisted my glasses a bit and got dirty but not much else. Also stepped down funny and twisted my hip a bit. Took a while to walk it off.

Treated ourselves with mashed potatoes and meatballs for dinner. Chocolate nuggets for dessert.

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