Off to Golf Tournaments in Walla Walla – Aug 2020

We had planned for quite some time to sign up for the 3 golf tournaments sponsored by Jorgensen Golf scheduled for Aug 11-13, 2020. We would travel to Walla Walla to stay for three nights and play one tournament round at Wildhorse Golf Club and 2 rounds at Wine Valley Golf Club.

We left mid-morning from Port Ludlow for Walla Walla. Driving was very good. We took SR 18 and I-90 toward Ellensburg. There were few restaurants open in Ellensburg. We finally found lunch at the Buzz Inn Steak House. We knew we would have to observe Covid-19 restrictions and they were posted very clearly at the door to the Buzz Inn. There were few patrons and getting served was not difficult at all. We had a good lunch of steak sandwiches and a good Ellensburg beer, Quilter’s Irish Death.

We followed Google Maps and turned south along the Columbia River at Vantage. It was a good route that took us toward Tri-Cities. We did notice that there seemed to be smoke in the air, and the haziness was increasing as we went on toward Walla Walla.

We checked in to the Best Western in Walla Walla. There were lots of people there and it seemed that the mask requirements were not really being enforced. Many people were walking around without masks. It was especially curious that a large group of older people, possibly part of the same family, were unmasked and socializing in a meeting room. I asked about what was going on and the clerk just sort of shrugged, and said something about them being in the same family.

We were still pretty full from our lunch so we stayed in our room and poured ourselves a drink and had some snacks we had brought. Eventually, we turned in for the night and prepared ourselves for our round of golf at Wildhorse.

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