Sierra Creek Horse Camp to Lake George Camp, Oct 31, 2020

Up at 6:00am. Close to freezing. Breakfast of coffee and Kodiak Oatmeal. Packed and left by 8:30am. Filled water bottles. Wilderness permit at Longmire WIC. Back to Westside Road and up about 3 miles to road blockage.

Wearing gloves and two layers on top. I’m wearing long underwear bottoms. Hiking boots. ELA packs to accommodate bear can. Elaine has the tent. Hiked on road about 3 miles to Lake George trailhead. One more mile to Lake George camp. Patrol cabin, shelter, privy and nice campsites on east side of lake. Set up then hiked 1.6m to Gobblers Knob lookout at 5500 feet. Super 360 views of Rainier and all around.

Back to camp for relaxing afternoon and romantic bottle of wine. Pasta shells and summer sausage for dinner. Lights off about 8pm. Set clocks back tonight.

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