Casper, WY to Bozeman, MT – Sept 26, 2020

This was another long chunk of driving. It started off at the Best Western Casper with a lot of wind. The route took us north toward the the Montana border. We stopped in Hardin, MT for gas and a Cappuccino.

We continued on to Bear Canyon Campground in Bozeman, MT. It was just off the freeway east of of Bozeman. We had a good dinner at Montana Ale Works, in Bozeman. In Montana, they do a lot of bison meat. Elaine had a tasty bison patty melt, and I had a beef, pork, and bison meatloaf. Both were really good. Also, the Kettle House Scotch Ale was a delicious brew to have with our dinner.

Otherwise, we had a nice grassy campsite at the campground with a big tree separating us from the next campsite. Bathroom facilities were fine but paper towels were not replaced in the men’s side even over night. Also, check-in the clerk was less than friendly.

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