Dam Hot

Days 19 and 20 – Miles 293 to Mile 329

We left Shady Oak camp and proceeded to follow Holcomb and Deep Creeks FOREVER! The trail twisted and turned through the ever-descending canyon. The earlier hours were pleasant. We did have a milestone reached today – 300 miles!

The day got hotter and hotter as we continued. We took a needed break at Deep Creek Hot Springs (clothing optional, but kept our clothes on). It was still 5 miles from our intended camp.

Heat increased as we headed for the Mojave Dam Spillway. Finally, we reached it and viewed the completely dry spillway. We’d been warned about quicksand but no worries this year.

Crossing under the spillway, we found the ford in Deep Creek and finally got some more water. We also decided to camp here as well since it had been a 20 mile day and both of us were spent.

As we left the next morning, we found 3 female Korean hikers camped cowboy right in the middle of the Mojave River, just where it flows under the dam. We’re still trying to figure out this dam system, and we’ll get back to you on it.

The Mojave River dam is one of those earthen fill dams. It’s huge. Here’s another view of just some of it.

Our plan was to reach our next destination early to get some additional rest. It almost didn’t happen. We had to traverse under and then climb up to the top of the Cedar Springs dam in 90 degree heat. We stopped along Silverwood Lake for some lunch in the shade and some cooler water we filtered from the lake.

We made the final 3.5 miles to our camp at Cleghorn Picnic Area at the end of the lake. We were so pleased to find that Kim had thoughtfully brought some fruit, cold drinks, and snacks for PCT hikers on this very hot day. We did arrive just after 3:00 and so are enjoying some additional recovery time.

4 thoughts on “Dam Hot

  1. Loved spending a quiet bit of time snuggled into my luxury down comforter while reading all your posts!
    I also get why you said you never lose weigh, Elaine!
    We miss you both.

    Your blog makes me think I could figure this one out!

    Hugs to you both and continued safe travels afoot.


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  2. Mike and Elaine…I so enjoy watching your travels. It’s so very exciting. I hope you both are enjoying your trip as much as everyone else is. The planning for this had to be incredible. Stay safe. Sending strength to you both. Love you guys. Keep in touch.

    Liked by 1 person

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