At Your Service

Day 18 – Monday, May 7 – 18 miles

Mile 275 to mile 293

Evidently, California has a great cell tower system which allows us to get cell service we thought we’d never have. Whenever we get an open view of any civilization in the distance, we can Facebook, Instagram, and WordPress with ease. Now does that mean we can just walk down to the corner and grab a cold drink? No. Funny though, we almost never have service at our campsites.

We are taking every advantage to stay in touch with friends and family, and to record our journey for ourselves too.

The PCT is hard because the long miles on your feet, the often rough trail, the heat and the constant work to get water. We’ve been really fortunate to have some dedicated Trail Angels provide food and drinks to us dirty, tired hikers. They are almost always PCT experienced so they know what a thru-hiker is going through. They provide a wonderful service that we are very grateful for because it’s only there once in many, many miles.

Our camp tonight is along a creek with some big, shady oak trees. There are no roads or campground services. Just a large area where we set up our tent. Quiet and peaceful. Until next time…

6 thoughts on “At Your Service

  1. Is that Lake Isabella in the background of your pic? If it is, you’re very near where we used to live. And no, we did not have cell service. lol I’m very much enjoying your posts of your big adventure!

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  2. Mike & Elaine – Hi! Really enjoy getting your blog posts and day-to-day narratives of your trek. The heat and dry terrain are a far cry from Port Ludlow’s climate. Finally having some nice days and just a few showers.
    May the Force be with you!

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  3. Good morning! We’re sitting in our cabin in SE Alaska with the wind blowing and the rain pouring reading your great posts. Thanks for letting us “hike” along with you!!

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