Day 21 – Mile 328 to Mile 342

As we headed away from Silverwood Lake, we thought about what lay ahead – McDonalds and the Best Western at Cajon Pass.

Despite the fact that we were probably less than 50 miles as the crow flies from Disneyland, we were still in the wilderness. The trail has been routed to avoid “civilization” until the very last moment.

We literally walked out the mouth of a canyon not half a mile from the McDonalds at which we scarfed food for a good hour (including ice cream!).

Nevertheless, today had some of the most stunning natural views we’ve seen. Despite the long freight trains and vehicles on the I-15, the impression was a big one.

We’re very much appreciating the friendly welcome at the Best Western. Also got a chance to do laundry and get some help from home about some gear changes. Kudos to Erika, Utah Lightweight, and Amazon.

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