Cinco de Mayo

Day 15 found us leaving Whitewater Preserve and heading over ridges to the Mission Creek drainage. Later in the morning, we came upon a trail intersection we had visited 2 1/2 years earlier. Our dream came true to return to this spot again on the PCT.

Higher up the canyon we camped next to the small stream after a hot ascent near the canyon head.

Climbing out of Mission Creek Canyon the next morning brought sweat but it was early morning so somewhat cool too.

At mile 246 we came to a nice surprise. Ho Ho, Chickory, Mama Beer, and the Brittanys has just finished setting up a Trail Magic Cinco de Mayo celebration! Cold drinks, fruit, tacos, and desserts were offered. They also had soft, shady seating for us to lounge in for a bit.

HoHo and Chickory had previously done the trail and now are sharing their tremendous generosity and spirit with us and others. Thanks so much! And on we go.

2 thoughts on “Cinco de Mayo

  1. Am so enjoying vicariously your adventure. It seems all too civilised with all these cute little spots, and packages arriving at various points. Enjoy the adventture

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