It’s All About the Water

Day 5 – miles 77 to 91

The route we’re traveling doesn’t always have water along the trail. We have to plan our hiking around how many miles we need to go, the expected temperature, the amount of elevation gain and loss, and the availability of caches and water outlets. Today our route covered 14 miles without any water available. That means we both carried 3 liters of water. That weighs 6.6 lbs.

The trail traversed around the ridges of the San Felipe Hills which are rugged, dry, and hot. It was tough going in the high 80s heat.

We also came across our first rattlesnake! We observed it for a few minutes and the carefully stepped around it.

Then when we got to our camp area, there were about 400 gallons that had brought in near the trail by Jeep and four-wheel vehicles just for hikers.

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