Day One is Done

Mexican Border to Lake Morena -7:30 am to 5:00 pm – 20 miles

We started out the day at Scout and Frodo’s. They host large groups of PCT hikers every year. They provide meals and sleeping spaces for free.

In the morning, we rode out to the start with Sue. She took another young couple from England too.

The going was not too difficult until Hauser Canyon. At 5 miles from Lake Morena, it was hot and steep. The worst part was my poor decision to take my blood pressure meds at noon. Several times on the hike up the side of the canyon I felt like passing out.

When we at last arrived at camp. I was glad to get some more food and hot drinks.

It was surprising how green the terrain was here. Lots of yucca, thorny bushes, and some cactus.

The trail was very good. It never got too steep. It wound in and out of ravine and climbed over ridges all the way.

Lake Morena has a county park where PCT hikers can camp for $5.

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