The Resupply Strategy

We estimate the amount of food that we will consume on our PCT hike will be about 420 lb.  Of course, we will not be carrying (or pulling) this load with us.  We have a resupply strategy that many other PCT hikers will also be using.

We will also be stopping in to many food establishments on the way as the trail passes through towns, communities, and resorts, like Muir Trail Ranch in the middle of the Sierra section.  Food we’ll miss on the trail?  Beer, pizza, burgers, ribs, salads, and ice cream.  We’ll do our best to catch up on them when we find ’em.

Fortunately, we have our daughter Colleen that is willing to send our boxes on our schedule, or when we call to schedule with her.  Mostly USPS but some UPS, too.

This takes separating supplies by type and then putting them into boxes we will be shipping to known locations.  It will cost about $35 for each shipment.  The estimate of shipping costs for this trip will be about $700.  Depending on the resupply location, and if we can lure friends or family to deliver to us, the cost will be somewhat less.  🙂

Then there is the Muir Trail Ranch resupply.  They accept deliveries in plastic buckets “in town”, and then transport by truck, boat, horse, and ATV to their remote location on the trail.  They provide this service for a prepaid fee of $80 after your bucket is delivered to the Lakeshore Post Office.

Elaine’s former work colleagues at Bloodworks Northwest Silverdale have been collecting blood collection supply boxes for us.  They are just about the right size.

A couple interesting details about what we have to pack:

  • 280 Starbucks Via envelopes
  • Enough dry milk to make 192 cups
  • 198 servings of various flavored oatmeal
  • 12 freeze-dried breakfasts
  • 868 Mountain House Pilot Crackers
  • 448 Baby Bell individual cheeses
  • 224 Individual Peanut Butter servings
  • 27  10-ounce Summer Sausages
  • 260 envelopes of cider and cocoa
  • 26 lb of dried fruit
  • 20 lb of nuts
  • 24 lb of snack mixes
  • 41 lb of chocolate and desserty type foods
  • 572 energy bars
  • 24 freeze-dried dinners
  • 124 prepare-with-water dinners: mac/cheese, rice, mashed potatoes, pasta
  • 22 servings of foil pouch proteins: tuna, salmon
  • 65 servings of freeze-dried chicken and beef
  • 4 liters of Olive Oil for fat and taste
  • Various spices

At this point, Elaine is very busy allocating food supplies to all those boxes.  This is what it looks like.  Any questions or comments would be appreciated and answered.


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