KPTZ Interview

Dave Cunningham, our neighbor, volunteers at the local community radio station, KPTZ.  He got a hold of us through our WordPress blog, and asked if he could interview us before we left on our PCT trip.

We met up with Dave in the KPTZ Port Townsend studios and answered several questions about why we are engaging in this kind of adventure, how our backgrounds brought us to this point, and how we are preparing.

It was an enjoyable experience, and Dave made the process more so.  Both Elaine and I participated in the interview so both our voices will be heard when the interview airs.

We’re also scheduled to do a follow-up when we finish our trip in September or October.

We will post our interview when it becomes available.  Click the icon below.


One thought on “KPTZ Interview

  1. Yes, I will gladly live my life vicariously through both your eyes. Enjoy life to the fullest & yay for you! Thank you in advance for sharing your experiences.


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