Mile 1704 to Callahan’s Mtn Lodge

July 14, 2022. 15 miles. 1100’ gain. 3000’ loss.

Up a little early (5am) to get into a room at Callahan’s. Hoped to arrive there by 3pm.

Camp near creek – mile 1704

Started hiking uphill though for 3 miles. Certainly got us warmed up but our packs are light today.

Tons of wide sloping mountain meadows with small streams. Beautiful wildflowers everywhere. Found a nice log for a 2nd breakfast with few bugs.

Mountain meadows near Mt Ashland

Continued down through more wooded terrain until we came to a picnic table a nearby resident has provided with a spigot for water. Very generous to maintain this for hikers. Went through forest with much debris. A very common site. This is what real fire hazards look like. Forests around home are nothing like this.

Downed timber debris inundates this forest

Diverted off the trail to Callahan’s Lodge on a side trail. Came out right next to I5. Walked under the freeway to the lodge looking for our supplies, a room, and food. Arrived just after 1pm.

Near I5 off-ramp

Callahan’s had no rooms available! What to do now? We got our supply box and considered our options. Disappointed we would have to figure something else out.

Near the turnoff for Callahan’s

Decided to call a taxi up from Ashland only 10 miles away. Chelsea arrived in a half hour with her very nice mini-van and pleasantly took us to the Comfort Inn in Ashland.

Welcoming reception and a clean, comfortable room. Long showers for both of us to wash off the thick trail dust. Walked half a mile in our rain pants (90 degree heat) to El Tapatio for excellent Mexican food and adult beverages. Good service and nice surroundings.

Returned to the Comfort Inn by way of Dairy Queen and a convenience store to relax while we did our laundry. Hiking clothes are beyond filthy. Nice to get them back later clean and smelling good.

2 thoughts on “Mile 1704 to Callahan’s Mtn Lodge

  1. Other than “no room at the Inn” sounds like a good day. Love the pictures. Elaine, the Championship was great. One hiccup was the text I received yesterday from the winner – she woke with a headache and scratchy throat. She tested herself and was positive for Covid. Everyone’s been notified.

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