Cook and Green Pass to Bear Ground Springs

17 miles. 3624’ gain. 2501’ loss.

Left camp at 7:00am after coffee and oatmeal. Climbed up ridge for 1300’ where the grade eased.

Nice hiking along a ridge with great views. Easier going and less demanding on our water supply. Could not locate Mud Spring even though it was clear where it was on the map. Eventually found good water at Alex Hole Spring. Plenty and cold.

High Mountain Meadow

4 1/2 miles more brought us to Bear Ground Spring. Good water source. Parmesan garlic rice and pasta for dinner after hot cocoa. Herd of cows wandered through making lots of clanging.

One thought on “Cook and Green Pass to Bear Ground Springs

  1. Around dinner time we heard some unusual clanging, becoming louder and louder. It sounded like crazy wind chimes! We investigated the sound while getting water at the spring where we could see a few cows through the trees wearing large bells around their necks. Of course I have heard of ‘cow bells’, but I had never seen or heard one in use on a cow before. Apparently the bells allow the owners to locate them ranging on large areas of land.


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