Agua Caliente!

Day 7 – 14.4 miles (3400′ elevation gain!) – miles 109.5 to 123.9

In the morning, we walked the mile to the Warner Springs Golf Resort and had a fabulous California omelet (avocado, bacon, and cheese) with excellent hashed browns. Plenty of coffee and cold water too. Then we went over to the post office to pick up our 1st resupply package that was there as expected.

We returned to our camp holding 2 large white plastic bags over our shoulders but got a ride for about 3/4 of the way by someone we met at a different camp days ago.

Our route today took us across wide grasslands, and up Agua Caliente Creek which had a decent amount of running water. After that it was up, up, up into the high hills with spectacular views of the valley behind us.

Very remote camp in a bouldery area at 5000′ tonight.

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