Many people wonder where we’re going to stay when we “do this hike”.  Elaine and I are experienced tent campers.  We will be taking our temporary home with us right on our backs.

We have had some fun trying to find lightweight gear.  A tent is a significant item of weight so we invested in a new shelter.


We will be in our new Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL 2 for about 139 nights.  As you can see, it doesn’t take up too much space.  I can hold it easily.  It weighs in total packed weight of 3 ½  pounds.  We practiced for a second time setting it up in our living room.  It has much more vertical sides than our previous tent.  It has more internal room, doors on both sides, a quick set-up pole system, integrated guy-outs, and footprint that protects the bottom.  The rain fly can be set up separately for really lightweight camping.  We do have a concern with bugs bugging us so we will be inside.  (The cockroaches in Hawaii were a little freaky – we remember!) There are also inside pockets for headlamps, glasses, phones, and other small items.  We’re excited to try it out around here when the weather is a bit nicer.

We will take some days off the trail for a clean-up and in-town food.  We figure to be off-trail for 10 to 20 nights.  That puts us out 150 – 160 days, or finishing near the end of September.


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