Bogachiel Car Camp

image.jpgDay 1 of PNT Trail Section Olympic Mts West.  57 miles from Storm King Ranger Station on Lake Crescent to the Bogachiel Trailhead. 4 nights and 5 days.

After getting everything together to stuff in our new Utah Lightweight Adventure packs and stuffing, we jetted out for Port Angeles to pick up our hiking permit.

First, we needed to pick up some lightweight (commercial grocery store type) water bottles at Safeway.

Then we checked in at the Port Angeles Visitor Center for our permit. Everything good with our modification of skipping Canyon Creek Camp and going on to Twenty-one Mile camp on the Bogachiel River.

On we went to Forks to pick up some dinner for our car camp at Bogchiel State Park.  Made it to our camp by late afternoon in a very green location next to highway 101.  Have decided to park up at the Bogachiel Trailhead instead of parking for $10 per night here in the state park during the 5 days we’ll be hiking.

Dinner?  Chicken, JoJos, Hawaiian Rolls and sandwich cookies for dessert.  Pike Place Kiltlifter as a warmup.


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