Weekend Get-Away to Mt Rainier National Park

On Friday Oct 30, played golf with the the guys in the morning on the Port Ludlow Golf Course. It was foggy and cool, but it cleared to be sunny by the end. Shot an 87 (41-46).

Elaine and I had decided to get some miles under our feet but only if we could go somewhere we hadn’t been before but wanted to keep it short to catch the Seahawk’s game with daughter Colleen and family on Sunday. We’re always looking for a reason to go back to Mt Rainier. We found a trail on a map where we hadn’t been – Lake George. It would involve a 3 mile road walk and a mile hike to a camp located in the southwest corner of Mt Rainier Park.

After golf, I got home to have lunch of leftover pasta and flavored drink. Both of us grabbed all our gear and food that Elaine had been preparing, and headed for a car-camp and a hike into Lake George at Mt Rainier Park.

Drove away from home 3:30pm. The driving route took us through Spanaway in thick traffic. Arrived at Sahara Creek Horse Camp close to 6:00pm. The Sahara Creek Horse Camp is just west of Ashford, WA. It’s a Washington State Dept. of Nat. Resources park with large campsites for horses and equestrians.We noticed that Discover Pass now required but we didn’t have ours. Set up camp anyway. A few other campers around. Was getting dark and I tried to use the Primus backpacking lantern but the screw valve would not work. I set up the folding couch and and we enjoyed Dragon’s Milk ale, and cheese and crackers and snack mix. We jumped into the tent and lights off by 9:00.

We were up at 6:00am. Shivered in the close to freezing temperatures. Breakfast of coffee and Kodiak Oatmeal. Packed and left by 8:30am. Filled water bottles. Wilderness permit at Longmire WIC. Back to Westside Road and up about 3 miles to road blockage.

Tahoma Creek with Rainier in the background.

Wearing gloves and two layers on top. I’m wearing long underwear bottoms. Hiking boots. ELA packs to accommodate bear can. Elaine has the tent. Hiked on road about 3 miles to Lake George trailhead. One more mile to Lake George camp. Patrol cabin, shelter, privy and nice campsites on east side of lake. Set up then hiked 1.6m to Gobblers Knob lookout at 5500 feet. Super 360 views of Rainier and all around.

Gobbler’s Knob Lookout

Back to camp for relaxing afternoon and romantic bottle of wine.

Pasta shells and summer sausage for dinner. Lights off about 8pm. Set clocks back tonight.

Woke up after 11 hours of bedtime. Quite mild at camp with the sky getting light at 6am. Coffee, eggs, and biscuits and graby for breakfast. Cooked fresh eggs in the pan. Was better not using water to try to poach them.

Packed up and left camp at 8:30. Sky clear and light breeze. Back to car at 10:30. Drove to Colleen’s and got showers. Watched Seahawks win over San Francisco in the 1:25 game. Had sliders, pizza roll, and buffalo meatballs w/ chicken. Strawberry margaritas. Trevor and Megan saw the game with us.

Left Colleen’s at 5:15 and arrived home at 7pm. Watched Dallas/Philadelphia game – boring, but saw Elaine’s running back Ezekiel Elliot get enough to points to put her in the lead over Brian by .2 pts. She needs to not have her defense get negative points tomorrow when the Giants defend against the Buccaneers.

In bed by 9:00pm. It had been a trip well worth the effort!

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