Lost and Found in Lake Tahoe

Day 70 – Mile 1132 – Lunch overlooking the entire north end of Lake Tahoe. 8300′.

It was an incredible series of events and circumstances that greeted us as we enjoyed our planned zero day in South Lake Tahoe.

Mike and Elaine arrive at Hwy 50 at 11am, Sunday June 24, looking for a ride into S Lake Tahoe. Nice guy picks up two other people and they encourage him to pick us up too. He opens the back of his Expedition and Mike carefully puts in packs. He drops off the other people and takes us all the way in to our motel, the, Best Western.

We unload our packs and go to check in. Mike reaches for cell phone in his pack, where he keeps it and…no phone. It has our important numbers and most all of our photos. We realize it fell out in the car and Robert (the driver) has driven away. We immediately call my phone and…nothing…for hours we keep calling the phone. Nothing. Ah! Use Find Phone! Doesn’t work unless connected to the internet. We keep trying for hours. We plan to stay until Monday 11am, or until we can locate Mike’s phone.

Meanwhile, food! Pizza, salad, and beer at Base Camp Pizza. Cold Stone Creamery! Laundry at a coin op a mile from our lodging. Long showers. Some rest time. And more figuring how to get Mike’s phone back.

Later. Applebee’s for ribs, $1 Long Island Ice Teas, and a free dessert ‘cuz it’s Mike’s birthday.

Maybe the driver of the car where Mike’s phone is will find it and drop it off. Uh-uh. No luck there. We talk to the motel clerks. They’re sympathetic.

Sleep. Breakfast. Check on phone. Nothing.

Get a hold of Trail Angel Kevin. We need a ride to the post office and back to the trail on Tuesday. He can help us. He arrives with his Subaru, Guido, and Luigi his dogs. We tell him our sob story. He’s sympathetic.

Yay! Our new shoes and socks and supplies have arrived at the post office. We have thoroughly trashed our old ones after 1090 miles. They are done. New ones are a dream come true.

Later, shopping for gear. Smaller shirt and pants for Elaine. Gaiters for Mike. Some minor supplies at the grocery. Bloody Mary at outdoor bar. Back to motel. Check on phone. Try calling. Nothing.

Dinner at Gunbarrel Tavern. Nachos and margaritas. More Cold Stone.

Back to motel. Ready to turn in for one last soft bed night.

What’s this? Daughter Amanda sends us text of Find Friends location OF MY PHONE. It’s 14 miles away past the trailhead where we came out. Oh yeah. The driver lives near there. There’s hope.

Tuesday morning. Packed up. Kevin comes to get us. We ask him to drive to where my phone is. He’s skeptical. We head toward trailhead. I’m watching my phones location on Elaine’s phone. Not moving. We get close. Oh no. It’s moved! We just drove past it. “Turn around, Kevin!”

Back 1/2 mile. There is Robert, the driver, just getting out of his car. We pull in. Mike yells. Robert, “hello again!” “You have my phone in your car.”

He’s opens back and…there it is under his back seat. He’s apologetic. Not necessary, I say. My phone is 1% charged.

Pile back into Kevin’s car. Now he’s convinced.

We hit the trail exactly on time. Crazy.

4 thoughts on “Lost and Found in Lake Tahoe

  1. wow am I impressed with the distance and the good fortune of finding the phone too. We are off to dinner tonight to celebrate a wedding anniversary; maybe I will order a special dessert or perhaps a glass of wine in your honour. I am especially enjoying the blog and photos/ thank you

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  2. So glad you were able to find Mike’s phone! What an interesting 🤪 couple of days. 1090 miles! I can’t imagine. But it’s good to know what kind of mileage you get on your shoes! lol

    Liked by 1 person

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