In the High Sierra

We have made it to Bishop CA. We are taking our first “zero day” here. We came off the PCT by seven and a half miles at Mile 789 to Onion Valley Trailhead. We couldn’t get a ride down the 13 miles last night so had to wait until this morning. Then after a hitch-hike fail, we Uber-ed the 40 minute ride to Bishop and the Best Western.

Our camps in the way to here were:

  1. Cow Creek – Mile 719
  2. Diaz Creek – Mile 742
  3. Guyot Creek – Mile 762
  4. Below Forester Pass – Mile 779
  5. Onion Valley – Mile 789 + 7.5 off the PCT

Our biggest challenge and accomplishment in this section was summiting Forester Pass. We arrived at the base of the pass at 4:30pm. We attempted to climb the snow slopes to the route but the snow was so soft we kept plunging through into the rocks underneath. We returned to the rocks below the approach and found a spot to camp.

In the morning, we strapped on our Yak Traks, and easily climbed the now firm snow to the final airy traverse. The snow on the north side of the pass was extensive and we speedily descended more than 1500′ to where the trail came out from under the snow. At one point, we had to scramble down 3rd class dirt and rocks to avoid steep snow.

From there, it was a beautiful hike through Kings Canyon to where we left the PCT for our resupply in Independence.

We are more than happy to get some in-town food and the chance for clean bodies and clean clothes.

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