Mt Baden Powell

Day 25 – Mile 408 – Sulphur Springs Camp

Woke up yesterday (Mother’s Day) and headed for Mt Baden Powell. He was the founder of the Boy Scouts and this 9399′ Peak was named for him. The PCT goes very near the summit but not to it. It was a very steep trail. Dropped our packs at the summit trail and went up. Lots of people up there. We were the only thru-hikers. Someone left 3 Santa Monica beers on the dedication statue for thru-hikers. We shared one and left a thank you.

We continued along a high ridge and finished off the day with another steep ridge climb.

We hiked 18 miles. 5000′ elevation gain.

Today the elevation gain was only 4000′ and the trail was easier to hike. We started with a 3 mile road walk because of an endangered species trail closure for the Mountain Yellow-Legged Frog.

The rest of the day went well and we did celebrate reaching the 400 mile mark.

We hiked 21 miles with 4100′ elevation gain.

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